All combos served with hummus and choice of salad or fries.  Click the thumbnail photos below to see a full-sized picture of the dish.

Soup & stews & sandwiches add $2.99 for 8oz hummus (salad is an option)



Medium  Large

Chicken soup: chicken, tomatoes, celery & carrots $3.99 $6.99         10.99
veg.png Rice & lentil soup: rice, lentils, onion, lemon & spices $3.99 $6.99         10.99
veg.png Cauliflower soup: tomato, onions, garlic, cilantro $3.99 $6.99         10.99

Appetizers & Salads




Click to enlargeHummus: chickpeas, garlic, tahinee, lemon $5.50 $9.50 $15.99
Click to enlargeGarlic or labana: garlic, lemon, yogurt (labana)
$7.99 $9.99 $18.99
Click to enlargeBaba ghanoush: eggplant, tahinee, garlic, lemon $7.99 $9.99 $18.99
Click to enlargeFattoush salad: lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red cabbage $3.99 $7.99 $10.99
Click to EnlargeLebaneese salad: tomato, cucumber, green pepper $4.50 $7.99 $10.99
Click to enlargeTabbouleh salad: parsley, tomato, cracked wheat $5.99 $8.99 $12.99
Aladdin's is DeliciousYogurt salad: yogurt, cucumber $4.99 $7.99 $10.99
Aladdin's is DeliciousFried pita chips $3.99 $5.99 $9.99
Click to enlargeFries or rice $3.50 $5.99 $10.99
Lebanese cheese $8.99    
Click to enlargeBaked Kibbee meat or vegetarian each $4.99 or 3 for $10.99
Click to enlargeFried kibbee meat or vegetarian each $4.99 or 3 for $10.99
Click to enlargeSamosa or meat or spinach pie each $3.99 or 3 for $10.50
Click to enlargeFalafel each $1.99 or 6 for $7.99
Click to enlargeGrape leaves meat or vegetarian each $1.99 or 6 for $ 8.50
Click to enlargeCabbage leaves meat or vegetarian each $2.50 or 3 for $6.50
Click to enlargeChicken breast or finger: over rice or salad $9.99
Click to enlargeChicken tender: over fries $9.99



Click to enlargeveg.png Eggplant stew & rice: eggplant, tomato, potato, onion, chickpeas $9.50
Click to enlargeveg.png Green bean stew & rice: Italian beans, tomato, onion & garlic $9.50
Click to enlargeMeat & potato stew & rice: meat, potato, tomato & onion $9.50
Click to enlargeKussa stew & grape leaves: stuffed baby zucchini (rice, meat) $10.50
Click to enlargeMousakaa stew: beef, eggplant, onion & tomato $9.50

Click to enlargeMeat Sandwiches


meat.png Chicken schawarma $8.50
meat.png Beef schawarma $9.50
meat.png Chicken kabob $9.50
meat.png Lamb kabob $10.50
meat.png Shish kafta $8.50
meat.png Gyro on Greek pita $7.50
meat.png Sojok American grilled sojok $9.99
meat.png Grape leaves $7.99
meat.png Cabbage rolls $7.99
meat.png Kibbeh meat $7.99
meat.png Hashwi $7.99
meat.png Sujuck: grilled Armenian sausage with vegetables $9.50

Click to enlargeVegetarian Sandwiches


veg.png Falafel $7.99
veg.png Falafel & eggplant
veg.png Hummus & tabbouleh $8.50
veg.png Baba ghanoush & tabbouleh $8.50
veg.png Cauliflower $9.50
veg.png Eggplant $9.50
veg.png Eggplant & falafel $8.50
veg.png Mujadara or Bulgur $7.99
veg.png Grape leaves $7.99
veg.png Cabbage rolls $7.99
veg.png Kibbeh veggie $8.50
veg.png Labna $9.50
veg.png Labna and grape leave

All combos served with hummus and choice of salad  and pita bread  ( fries and soup is an option)

Vegetarian Combos


Click to enlarge

veg.png Falafel: chickpeas, fava beans, spices

Click to enlarge

veg.png Grape leaves (5)

Click to enlarge

veg.png Cabbage rolls (3)

Click to enlarge

veg.png Falafel & grapes leaves

Click to enlarge

veg.png Samosa & spinach pie

Click to enlarge

veg.png Mujadara: lentils, cracked wheat, sauteed onions

Click to enlarge

veg.png Bulgur: cracked wheat, onions, tomatoes
veg.png Foul moudamas: fava beans, lemon, garlic, oil & vegetables 119.99

Click to enlarge

veg.png Aladdin’s Green sampler: mujadara, grape leaves, falafel

Click to enlarge

veg.png Makali: Eggplant, cauliflower, fries with rice

Click to enlarge

veg.png Vegetarian sampler: grape leaves, falafel, baba ghanoush

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veg.png Baked kibbee

Click to enlarge

veg.png Fried kibbee: spinach, onions, chickpeas, potatoes

Meat Combos     All combos served with hummus and choice of salad  and pita bread  ( fries and soup is an option)


Click to enlargemeat.png Gyro on Greek pita $13.99
Click to enlargemeat.png Grilled chicken breast over rice $14.99
Click to enlargemeat.png Grilled chicken fingers over rice $14.99
Click to enlargemeat.png Hashwi: chicken, beef, rice, pine nuts $11.50
Click to enlargemeat.png Mackloube: chicken, eggplant, rice, pine nuts $12.50
Click to enlargemeat.png Meat baked kibbee or mixed $12.50
Click to enlargemeat.png Grape leaves (5)
Click to enlargemeat.png Cabbage rolls (3)
Click to enlargemeat.png Chicken schawarma over rice or hummus
Click to enlargemeat.png Beef schawarma over rice or hummus $16.99
Click to enlargemeat.png Chicken meshwi: Grilled chicken, veggies over rice $20.99
Click to enlargemeat.png Mixed grill: lamb & chicken kabob over rice $19.99
Click to enlargemeat.png Red sampler: shish kafta, hashwi & grape leave $16.99
meat.png Shish kafta: over rice $15.99
Click to enlargemeat.png Lamb kabob: over rice $22.99
Click to enlargemeat.png Chicken kabob: over rice $16.99
Click to enlargemeat.png Mido’s sampler: chicken breast & kafta or lamb kabob over rice $18.99
Click to enlargemeat.png Double pleasure sampler: chicken breast, shrimp over rice $22.99
Click to enlargemeat.png Aladdin’s sampler: chicken, lamb & kafta kabob $22.99
Click to enlargemeat.png Salmon fish baked: with vegetable over rice $20.99
Click to enlargemeat.png Sujuck: grilled Armenian sausage with vegetables over rice $20.99
Click to enlargemeat.png Grilled shrimp plate: over rice $19.99

Dinner for 2 add $13 for extra person


veg.png Aladdin’s vegetarian for 2: samosa, falafel, kibbee, grape leaves, mujadara, spinach pie, bulgur with hummus & 2 choice of salads and pita $36.99
Click to enlargeAladdin’s meat & vegetarian for 2: chicken kabob, kafta, hashwi, mujadara, falafel, mixed grape leaves with hummus , 2 choice of salads and pita $36.99
meat.png Aladdin’s all meat for 2: kafta, chicken & lamb kabob, 4 grape leaves, hashwi, chicken schawarma with hummus & 2 choice of salads and pita $37.99

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veg.png Vegetarian

meat.png Meat



Pepsi product 20 oz 1.99
Coffee Or Tea: $1.75
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, lemonade $1.99
Anise Tea: $1.75
Hot Chocolate: $2.50
Green tea of the day $199
2 liter coke regular or diet 3.50 , or pepsi product , sprite 
Green Tea $1.99
Click to enlargeor Enjoy free Turkish coffee

Baklava & More

Click to enlargeWalnut Baklava $2.50
Click to enlargeLady Finger $2.25
Click to enlargeMini Rose $2.00
Click to enlargeNamoura $2.50
Click to enlargePistachio $2.50
Click to enlargeBurma $4.00
Click to enlargeBird nest $2.50
Click to enlargeBalouria $2.50
Rice Pudding $2.50
Click to enlargeCoconut $2.50
Click to enlargeMamoul w/pistachio, walnut or date $2.50
Halva $3.00

Smoothies $6.50 & Raw fresh Juices 6.99

Click to enlargeFlavors of fresh vegtebales and fruits: Orange, nector Mango, nector Guava, Carrot, Beet, Cabbage, Lemon, Apple, Strawberry, Pineapple, Ginger, Garlic, Banana, Yogurt, Cucumber, Celery, Green Onion, and Parsley and more...

Aladdin's Smoothies: Strawberry, Milk, Banana
Desert refreshment: Strawberry, Banana, Mango
Camel fuel: Strawberry, Banana, Mango, Guava
Arabian refreshment: Camel fuel & Pineapple
Surfing dude: Strawberry, Banana, Mango, yogurt
Sarah's drink: Strawberry, Lemonade
California ice cream :Strawberry, Orange
Pyramid drink: Strawberry, Orange, Mango, banana
Wisdom drink: Apple, Mango, Strawberry
Rachel'smoothie: Mango,Carrot, Apple
Power drink: Mango, Guava, Ginger